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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Free Web Traffic Myths And Reality

Everybody who runs a website looks out for various ways to bring free web traffic. However, in order to make the best use of your sincere efforts in direction of getting more and more traffic to your website, it is very important for you to understand that, there are certain myths associated with the same and you have to make sure that you are not getting into its nasty trap.

Secret to Bring Huge Web Traffic to Your Website

You must have come across a variety of websites, trying to sell you the secret to bring instant massive web traffic to your website. Let me tell you the truth that there is no magic button so far, pressing which will generate huge web traffic for you automatically. The only possible way to bring free web traffic is to invest a great deal of sincere efforts in running the various online website promotional campaigns.

You will have to be very consistent in your effort. No one-time effort will bring ongoing free web traffic for your website. The continuous building of web traffic is always the result of your continuous efforts. For example, it is essential for you to keep submitting articles to free article directories, using squidoo and various other time-tested proven strategies and techniques.

Submission to Thousands Of Search Engines

Another popular misconception regarding the free web traffic is that, just submitting to a large number of search engines is enough. However, the truth is that, no matter how many search engines you have submitted your website to, the result will not be very exciting. What is more, if you have been using Internet for some years, you probably know that there are mostly half a dozen search engines that are frequently used by the online users. Even, among these half a dozen search engines, Google covers the ninety percent of the market. Therefore, even if you have submitted to thousands of search engines, you will still be required to use other website promotion techniques, in order to bring free web traffic.

Guaranteed Hits at A Limited Price

There are a lot of websites available online, who claim to offer you thousands of guaranteed unique hits at a limited price. These are just some unscrupulous ways to build profits from you and not to build traffic for your website. As said earlier, you should always remember that, when it comes to generating free web traffic, there is no magic key.
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Tips To Get Free Web Site Traffic

When it comes to generating website traffic at zero cost, there are plenty of effective ways to do that. However, it is very important for you to understand that whatever strategy you use for the traffic generating campaign for your website, your approach must be very professional and genuine. This is where you will find the following tips very useful. So, make sure that you incorporate these tips in your online marketing campaign.

Generate Keyword Rich Quality Content

Using keyword rich quality content on your website is perhaps the most important factor in generating site traffic. Here, it is very important for you to understand that your main target is to attract both the human readers as well as the search engine spiders.

Therefore, your focus must be on developing quality content that has the capability to hold your customers to stay within your website. You should also take care of the keyword density that you are using. If you have bombarded the content of your website with lots of keywords, it might have adverse effect on the web site traffic campaign. For example, the search engines may ignore your website, while they are listing the search results for a specific keyword. So be very prudent in your approach towards the same.

Submission to Search Engines and Website Directories

Once you are ready with your website with quality keyword rich content, the next big thing that you have to do in order to generate free web site traffic is to submit the URL of your website to the major search engines, such as Google, MSN, Yahoo etc.

What is more, there are also various website directories that play a very important role in online marketing campaign. Therefore, do not forget to submit the URL of your website to these directories as well. Some of the major website directories may include Digg, DMOZ, etc. Submission to search engines and website directories are some of the best ways to get no cost website traffic.

Submitting Articles to Free Article Directory

Another great way is to write articles and submit the same to free article directories, such as, etc. This method generates free web site traffic in two ways. First, since the articles carry the link to your website, the visitors who visit these articles are very much likely to follow this link and visit your website as well. Second, since these are free articles and people can use the same on their own website, the link to your website spreads to a lot of other websites. This way, you enjoy the more web site traffic at zero cost sharing from other websites as well.
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Bring Instant Targeted Website Traffic

The rapid growth and advancements in the field of Internet has made it much easier for you to bring targeted website traffic. There are various techniques and strategies that are time tested. All you need is a serious approach towards the same. The key to the success for your online promotional campaign is consistency in your efforts. You will have to keep using the various techniques and strategies day by day, month by month, year by year. The day you stop making any efforts anymore, your website will stop getting traffic.

Advertise Your Website With Various Search Engines

It is very important for you to understand in order to get targeted website traffic instantly; it is not enough to submit the website to various search engines. The search engine spiders will take time to include your website in the search results. Here, you should also note that, even when the search engine spiders will start reading your pages for specific keywords, the chances are that your website will appear on some twentieth page of the search results. Visitors go through only a three to four pages maximum in the search results.

Therefore, in such cases, even if your website is included in the search result that will not bring targeted website traffic. The best way to get instant result is to do some advertising with major search engines. The Google Adwords and the Yahoo Overture are some of the best options for pay per click advertising.

Getting Traffic From Targeted Online Communities

Another great way to get targeted website traffic is to join various forums and promote your website to a large number of targeted audiences. For example, if you are running a website on registry cleaner, it is always prudent to join some technical forums. You will have to share your experiences and opinions in a way that should also include the discussions regarding your website.

Whatever content you enter in these forums, must show your expertise and credibility over the niche you are offering on your website. Here, you should note that one of the important factors that the search engines look into, while ranking the pages on a website is the number of links of those pages on other websites. By entering the links to your website on so many forums, you simply maximize your chances of getting a higher page rank in Google. IT will make the process of getting targeted website traffic much faster.
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Increase Website Traffic With Viral Marketing

There is something very potent about viral marketing as a method to increase website traffic. Basically, by definition, viral marketing involves offering something for free and giving people the permission to give it to others. This kind of concept has revolutionized the way internet businesses are run and more and more business are finding innovative ways to use viral marketing to increase website traffic. In case you do not have anything to give away, you can always create an information product that you can give for free in order to increase website traffic. Some suggestions follow.

Free Ebooks As A Giveaway

When people come by to sign up for your newsletter or mailing list, offer them an ebook for free, as a sign up gift. Tell them they can also give it away in turn. Ensure that your website information, your company logo, etc. all appear in the ebook to enable people click and visit your website, resulting in an increase in website traffic.
If you are in affiliate marketing, you can highlight topics relevant to your business and include your affiliate link on each page. Clicking your link should make sense to the recipient of the free gift. Suppose you sell microwave ovens, your ebook could be on healthy cooking and microwave recipes.

How About Reports Or A 6-Part Email Course

If you are not up to producing an ebook, you could also offer your potential customers a free report about a currently relevant topic or even a small course that you send out in six parts. Your visitors will sign up for this if it is interesting to them, and increase website traffic. So, as a microwave seller, you might want to offer different types of recipes, or send in tips about healthy eating. Whatever the topic, make sure your website link appears on every page of your report. You can even use your auto responder to take care of sending mini courses in time on the scheduled date. Free autoresponders online can do it for you.

Promote Your Website And Increase Website Traffic

With every communication you send, include a share this with a friend link so that each time someone visits your site and signs up, they can share the interesting content with someone else easily.

Writing Articles

Just like ebooks, articles are also a wonderful way to increase website traffic. Give people the permission to reprint your article provided they keep the resource box with your website link intact. This will give you wide publicity and increase website traffic.
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